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Annual letter from Austria! 2015 Heuriger’s news!

Annual letter from Austria, our Sumiya Kiho-an has been promotedas 1st Top hotel and accommodation's ...


Best view of Red maple autumn leaves coming soon in November

In your stay in Sumiya Kiho-an, it would be able to enjoy scenery of Red maple autumn leavesin Novem ...


New Guest rooms open! “Japanese style with open-air onsen bathroom and Terrace”

Hello, this is Sumiya Kiho-an. We renovated some of our Japanese guest room in July, and we finally ...


Notice of Free Wi-Fi service in Sumiya Kiho-an

How do you often find any information in sightseeing in Kyoto in your trip??Well, it has been able t ...


New accommodation package ! Tempura / Sushi meals

This is Sumiya Kiho-an, we have opened new accommodation packages,we would like to let you notify th ...


Notice of renovating Japanese guest rooms

Thank you for your coming to Sumiya Kiho-an.We are sorry for the inconvenience for your stay due to ...


Washoku Special! New accommodation packages open!

Hello, this is Sumiya Kiho-an! Well, the season to have a look of the glow offireflies is peak.Today ...


Good season to see the glow of a firefly

In Japan, it will be rainy season in June, may be humid and heat.Early June in every year, good seas ...


Best wishes for a couple who had proposed marriage♡

Recently we welcome a lot of tourists who comes from Europe, Australia,and Asian countries.Well, one ...


The flowering season of cherry blossoms!

Cherry blossoms bloom in kyoto.

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