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紅葉 神蔵寺 Lighting up the tree of autumn colored leaves in the temple

KYOTO Kameoka  「Jinzoji  temple」We have the courtesy bus to go there at night till 13th November.


2017 Autumn color tinted beautiful leaves 紅葉しはじめました

Kyoto Yunohana onsen  SUMIYA  KIHO-ANIn November, it comes to a sunny day afternoon with a nip of au ...


Beautiful landscape in autumn nearby Sumiya Kiho-an

***********************************************Around our Sumiya Kiho-an, surrounded by rice fields, ...


観月の夜会 2017 autumn concert was big success.

On 10th September night, luckily under good weather, our autumn concertwas big success.「アンデス音楽の調べ」Mu ...


“Heuriger” vintage 2017 will be released on 11th Nov.!

Annual news from Austria, “Heuriger” vintage 2017 will be released on 11th Nov.!Fresh and juicy grap ...


Annual autumn music concert 観月の夜会 2017

In this year, on the Chinese calendar, on 4th October is an annual day of goodviewing the moon.We ar ...


Local speciality guide ~Soba(buckwheat) noodle 蕎麦~

In the green scenery, located local speciality SOBA noodle restaurant.From Sumiya Kiho-an, merely yo ...


Renewal Open! Terrace and “Cafe Grüner”

"Cafe Grüner", after the renovation of Terrace in front of our Main communal onsen bath,We have pre- ...


Kyoto’s information ~京の七夕 Kyo no Tanabata ~

At Nijo-jo castle, there will be lightning event(night time illumination) at National treasure Ninom ...


Summer River cruise~Hozugawa River boat ride~

Day by day, it is humid and hot day weather.From Kameoka city, it is on the west side of central Kyo ...

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