Yunohana Onsen, with a soothing and healing experience, beneficial both mentally and physically  Sumiya Kiho-an

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Onsen relaxes you physically and spiritually.
While taking a nice and long soak in the hot spring bath,our guests come into contact with good old Japan.

Onsen Experience

One-day relaxation package with Onsen
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小湯治 co to-ji

Release Stress, Detox and Rebalance
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Out to the HANARE NO YU from OMOYA, the main building through the long corridor, enjoying the brisk air and greenery.
An onsen is a place to revitalize your body and spirit.



- Three times a stay for Japanese -
Most Japanese bath at least three times during their stay when visiting Onsen resort.
Once between check-in and dinner, another after dinner,
and last before or after breakfast.
Of course there are people who bath even more.
This is to enjoy the different scenery in the morning, mid-day, and
at night out from open-air bath and to get the maximized efficacy to relax.

It also increases detoxifying effect and accelerates metabolism by soaking to
Onsen several times and perspiring tremendous amount.
Moreover, we Japanese simply love Onsen.
Hope you will also find amazing discoveries by lounging in Onsen
two or three times during your stay!

Women’s open-air bath

Men’s open-air bath

Yunohana onsen spa water which constantly springs from the earth as a soft fountain containing lots of minerals that are absorbed through the skin and
by breathing the Onsen spa.

Bath time

Hours 3:00pm-10:00am. ・Separate bath for men and women.
・Each has in-house bath and open-air bath.
・Open to accommodating guests and dining guests.
Rest and cool the one's after taking bath in the refreshing breeze. Relax and cozy at the open-air terrace. Enjoy the moment after taking a bath at our roof top bar, with drinking our highly recommended Austria Wine and refreshments.

Hidden onsen in the mountains.
You will find relaxation in this natural setting,
surrounded by green forests.

Walking paths to Yama-no Kakure Yu

What you’ll find along the way to this hidden spot will be a great experience for you. Welcome to relax alone or together as a couple or a family.

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Bath time

Charge 3,240 JPY (45minutes.) Hours 11:30am -10:00pm Capacity 1-5 people *Reservation required


We have good pathway to take a talk.
You walk and enjoy seasonal nature.
When you walk through them for about 5 minutes,
you can find open space.
At open space, we hold many events.
Visitors to Yunohana Onsen Natural Hot SpringResort,
where Sumiya Kiho-an is located,
melt their heart with its fresh and clean air,
change of scenery with the passing of the seasons,
and the beautiful rural landscapes.
The rustic taste that is hard to find in big cities and
nostalgic scenery still remain in this quiet and
secluded resort town.
Please enjoy your refreshing and relaxing stay
surrounded by the greens of the mountains
in nature with natural hot spring bathing experience.

Spring quality/efficacy

Spring quality Plain and slightly radioactive hot spring (Natural hot radium spring)
Radon content 41.6×10-10 curie
Bathing efficacy Neuralgia/Muscle soreness/Arthritis/Excessive sensitivity to cold/Chronic digestive diseases/Soothing effect on fatigue/
Promoting health/Chronic gynecological diseases/Gout/Cholelithiasis
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