A Perfect getaway in Kyoto,
Yunohana Onsen Resort,
Japanese style hotel

玄関 茅葺き門

Onsen Hot Spring

A blessing of nature

- Onsen hot springs provide you with a soothing and healing experience, beneficial both mentally and physically.

Taking Onsen in Sumiya Kiho-an's natural environment enhances the healing experience.

While taking a nice and long soak in the hot spring bath, our guests come into contact with good old Japan.
We can make every guest of the hot spring inn feel our genuine hospitality while they spend the time there.
We look forward to your experience of Onsen.

Guest Rooms

A variety of rooms for different occasions

Relax to your heart's content for a blissful time.
A Japanese space that loves the change of seasons, and a relaxing style that suits the scenes.

Kyoto’s dine

Experience Kyoto’s unique charm

- Kaiseki is especial seasonal feast for senses.

Artistic and refined, Kaiseki uses seasonal ingredients that are cooked to enhance their natural flavour.

<Exclusive Special offer meals>
We offer meals which are arranged dishes as you like, from the most popular Japan iconic dishes, like Sushi, Sukiyaki, Shabu-Shabu hot pot and crispy battered Tempura...

Specific fabulous art's masterpieces

- Spectacular characteristic walls and plaster work are the pride of Japanese carpentry and joinery, which can be found throughout Sumiya Kiho-an.

They are traditionally constructed by layering gravel muds. It is the must see cultural destination of the Ryokan Inn.
Our Sumiya Kiho-an'was renovated in 2006, and lots of Ryokan inn features, fusuma papers and fabric decor etc.
are here. Even those in Japanese houses are not be seen, but all our guests can indulge in the time-honored Japanese tradition of relaxing stay.

From KYOTO with ease!!

Superlative Onsen experience

- Unique experience, best destination to discover Japanese icons-

SUMIYA KIHO-AN, located in the Yunohana spa resort only 20 minutes away from the center of Kyoto by train, offers you exceptional relaxation and unforgettable experiences in this hideaway surrounded by breathtaking nature.


すみや亀峰菴(SUMIYA KIHO-AN), located in the Yunohana spa resort in suburb of Kyoto, offers you superlative relaxation and unforgettable experiences in this hideaway surrounded by breathtaking nature.

Ryokan inn features

Check-in 15:00 (Latest time of Check-in 19:00 )
Check-out 11:00
Number of rooms 25 Guest Rooms
Amenities TV set, telephone, Hot water pot ,glass and tea cups ,closet, towels, safe-deposit box, mini bar , Yukata-Robe
Dining ZUIKA Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm
Dinner 6:00pm-9:30pm
Breakfast 7:30am-10: 00am

・We have seats for 2 to 6 people.
・Children are not allowed at dinner.
・There is a smoking room in the dining room. (Seats are non-smoking)
Bathing time 3:00pm-10:00am.

・Separate bath for men and women.
・Each has in-house bath and open-air bath.
・Open to accommodating guests and dining guests.
Spring quality Plain and slightly radioactive hot spring (Natural hot radium spring)
Bathing efficacy Neuralgia/Muscle soreness/Arthritis/Excessive sensitivity to cold/Chronic digestive diseases/Soothing effect on fatigue/
Promoting health/Chronic gynecological diseases/Gout/Cholelithiasis