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  • From KYOTO with ease!!
  • Onsen Hot spring
  • Spa treatment 小湯治 co to-ji
  • Inspiration of living style
  • Kyoto’s dine
  • Specific fabulous art’s masterpieces

From KYOTO with ease!!

-Unique experience,
best destination to discover Japanese icons-

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Onsen Hot Spring

-Onsen hot springs provide you
with a soothing and healing experience,
beneficial both mentally and physically.
Also, taking Onsen in Sumiya Kiho-an's
natural environment enhances the healing experience.

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Spa treatment 小湯治 co to-ji

Therapeutic gentle and soothing
Ayurvedic oil massage.
Take time to rest in the indulgent
and rejuvenating co to-ji spa
health retreat and mineral bathhouses.

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Inspiration of living style

-Our accommodation Ryokan provides
the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself
in Japan’s truly unique culture.
Staying in a tatami room at Ryokan is
highly recommended
if you have an interest in sampling a traditional
Japanese lifestyle and enjoy a peaceful sleep
on traditional futon bedding at Ryokan.

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Kyoto’s dine

- Experience Kyoto’s unique charm.
Artistic and refined,
Kaiseki uses seasonal ingredients
that are cooked to enhance their natural flavour.

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Specific fabulous art's masterpieces

-Spectacular characteristic walls and
plaster work are the pride of
Japanese carpentry and joinery,
which can be found throughout
Sumiya Kiho-an.

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すみや亀峰菴(SUMIYA KIHO-AN), located in the Yunohana spa resort in suburb of Kyoto,
offers you superlative relaxation and unforgettable experiences in this hideaway surrounded by breathtaking nature.
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