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Swimming outdoor pool OPEN!

OPEN: 9:00~18:00For guests who stay at Sumiya Kiho-an, able to use it freely.After swimming, enjoy t ...


Hozugawa river boat cruise special voucher offer!

Day by day, it is humid and hot day weather.From Kameoka city, it is on the west side of central Kyo ...


Free shuttle going out to watch the twinkle fireflys! 蛍の夕べ

In Japan, it will be rainy season in June, may be humid and heat.Early June in every year, good seas ...


Internship program from China, has successlly done!

Since October 2017 to April 2018, Internship program from China, has successlly done! The program ha ...


Sakura cherry blossom blooming at night athletics park 夜桜ライトアップ

At Kameoka athletics park Sakura lightning up eventuntil 15th April , 19:00-22:0010min. by car or ta ...


Ume blooming~ 春の魁 白梅

At the terrace, you can enjoy blooming the plum(Ume) flower!Especially, women are able to enjoy the ...


Austrian Wine By the Glass Campaign 2017 1st Prize in WEST JAPAN

Austrian Wine By the Glass Campaign 20171st Prize in WEST JAPAN  Austrian Embassy in Tokyo, at recep ...


雛祭り Doll Festival in Japan 3rd March to 3rd April

Famous custom says the tradition of Hina-Matsuri was brought from China, and it still has been celeb ...


Exclusive special offer for official website user!

In February, still chill and cold days, but it starts to bloom the plum flower,Spring is just around ...


SETSUBUN 2018 Spring

Today is the day before to greet spring in the old calendar in Japan.We call it “SETSUBUN”On this “S ...

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